Month: July 2012

Welcome Hidden Entrepreneurs

If you look at the about page, you’ll see that a survey I made discovers that 47% of the people who come to work in China actually come to learn and open their own business. I don’t know about other countries in Asia, but I imagine the numbers are similar. Thanks to the modern era people have […]

Your Costs For a 2 Month Start Off in Beijing

Jonathan Levine in his NYT article “Go East, Young Man” (Jan-8-2012) talks about his decision to move to China. It’s a fairly short article (perhaps a column, I haven’t seen the printed version of it), presenting a feeling of new discovery and why the opportunities are here and not in shaky America or sinking Europe. […]

5 Blogs Every Tech Entrepreneur Should Know in Asia & China

Although this list is not a complete one it’s for sure your #1 list to start with. The following blogs are THE sources in English for tech entrepreneurs in Asia. This is what you should read to know what’s going on.  I follow them all and get great insights about the market. All these blogs are run […]