Month: September 2012

How Assumptions can be Deadly for Your Startup? Starting a Case Study

This post is based on our 2nd meeting of Startup leadership program running in Beijing. Enjoy! We are getting ready for our 3rd meeting of SLP – which is actually a speed dating of investors and entrepreneurs. I’m looking forward to that meeting, which will happen later on this week. I’ll keep updating on that. […]

Startup Leadership Program in Beijing

Last month I got an email from Startup Leadership program (SLP) headquarters that I was accepted to their program in Beijing. This week we had our 1st meeting and I’m glad to report from a first hand on it. SLP is a mentoring program running simultaneously all around the world. It’s the 2nd time it’s happening Beijing, the other Chinese representative […]

Survival Guide for Foreign Employees in China

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post by Majdi Alhmah, who manages the group China Expats & Returnees Jobs 中国招聘 外国人和海归论坛 On Linkedin, currently with 47000+ members. He is very knowledgeable about life & work in China and successfully manages a sino-foreign JV since 2006. He is giving here a great insight into the Chinese working culture, which can teach us a […]