Month: October 2012

Why Skritter App Makes me Spend $518.49?

Recently Technode gave their list for “15 Smartphone Apps to Teach Yourself Chinese“. I’m really not sure why they weren’t mentioning this Skritter on their list. The bottom line is that it’s a really great app that outperforms many many others in my opinion (Still, Id’ be glad to hear people thinking differently). BUT…read this story to the end! Endless of endless […]

The Best Students’ Chance for a Successful Startup in China

Entrepreneurs are not always highly skilled business people or corporate members. I know it’s a cliché, but what I actually mean to say is that every group has its entrepreneurs and scope of ideas (more on that later…) even when they are not so skilled. Last Sunday I attended the closing event of a students’ […]

10 Rules for a Successful Chinese Business Meeting

So, you’re invited for a welcome dinner, congrats! You are working in China now. As Said before Chinese companies are strict to some extent. Even going out can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know what to expect and even more scary if you are not fluent yet with the language. These rules also […]