Month: November 2012

Startups Should Learn to Walk by Themselves

A couple of days ago a CEO of a startup company called me for advice. This guy has a team of 5 developers and spending around $10K on his start up every month.  He came with the following request: “Help me raise money for my start up. If by the end of next month we don’t raise […]

How long should I work on my startup every day?

There are days, when you are saying to yourself: “Today will be a good day. I can accomplish so much. I’ve got tons of exciting things to do that will boost my Start up and take it to a whole new place. “ Here are some of the task you accomplish during your day: – Check website […]

How Foreigners Can Get Involved in a Tech Start-up in China

I’m proud to announce a partnership with a local Start up in Beijing; Koombah. Their tag line says it all: “Helping you find your ideal home rental in Beijing”. For the benefit of the foreigners coming to Beijing, we decided to partner, and help you have a soft landing.  This is a guest post by the co-founder Jason Lim.  […]

China High Tech jobs: Where the %#@$&% are they?!

Note from Shlomo: I added an updated post on this subject, with some solutions to the problem of finding a job in Beijing. Check this: Do / Can Tech People From the US get Jobs in China?   Why is it so hard to find talents in Beijing? I don’t get it! There are so many […]