Month: December 2012

Learn from my Customer Development…What Works, What Didn’t

Are you doing customer development right now? I want to learn from you! I’ve been working on Go Finish for a couple of months now. As with Lean startups, we are currently on the discovery stage. This means that we are trying to find what is the product we are actually want to develop that […]

Video Guide: Open an Account in the Largest Video Portal in China

Last March Youku announced that it buys Tudou, making it the largest Chinese video portal. There are several video portals in China out there and every large online player has it’s own. Youku is the largest though, at least for now. Recently I hear that since competition is fierce some of the smaller websites find it hard to survive. One strategy […]

Getting Ready For Your Future Startup

I’m glad to introduce Zhou Kang as a contributor in SUN.  Unfortunately, my Chinese is not as good as his, so Chinese events would be his thing. I’m glad to join forces with a local face to give a better view of the local scene. I’m looking for contributors from other cities and countries. Send me a […]