Month: January 2013

Taking the VC role when raising funds for your startup

Note from Shlomo: The original post was written last week and took a couple of days to collect all materials for it. So, this didn’t really happen yesterday but a week ago.  ooouchh, yesterday was a tiring day. I got the chance to manage the largest class we ever had on SLP. This was a pretty […]

The Power of the Crowd When Planning Your Startup

A few weeks ago I started a new project. I decided to write a plan for building a startup and distribute it as an e-book (Now I have to do this project, and be accountable for it…it’s publicly announced) Over the time I’m entrepreneur, for the last 9-10 years, I’ve learned a lot on the process of being […]

Your Startup Pitch: The Simple Formula

Last week I had a very interesting meeting, where I learned the importance of the famous elevator pitch to the extreme! I like talking to other entrepreneurs and give my help to them, sometimes a simple advice can help a lot. I see various entrepreneurs with different mindsets and different problems and try to give my advice as possible. […]