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I’m Shlomo. I’m an entrepreneur who spends his time between China and Israel. One of the things I’m passionate about the most is innovation.

People create remarkable things and in today’s world, it’s relatively easy to go on your own a pretty long way with your startup. This amazes me every day!

I’m a regular guy who grew up in Israel (therefore you’ll notice that my written English is not slick, but conversational).  I make my living from companies and projects I built, consulting to companies, mainly regarding market penetration to China and from personal investments that I make through the stock market and some real estate.



I currently own a startup ( I built in China back from the time that I lived there for 3 years till the end of 2014.

I’m a contributor at Forbes, writing about innovation in China and Israel

I lead the local Lean Startup Meetup in Beijing which now is the 2nd largest meetup in town which I’m very proud of. Building a community brings in a lot of responsibility and the one that I think of the most is how I can help it’s members.

I’m part of the mentor’s network on Chinaccelerator and also co-hosting the China Business Cast Podcast along with Mike Michelini which I enjoy very much.

I value simplicity and honesty as a way to live and gain financial freedom. I let these guide me through my life. I have a lovely wife and one daughter who was just born (January 2016).

Things that I’m passionate about are Outdoor activities, personal finance, productivity and of course China.

What’s in here for you?

– If you are an entrepreneur ready to move to a new place and start your company, especially in China.
– If you are an entrepreneur ready to make it on your own and build a successful business.
– If value simplicity and personal finance to gain financial freedom
– If you are a travelholic wish to have new experiences.


My Story

I started my career at a large government organization as electrical engineer understanding that having this sort of training will lead to a good job in the future in the high tech industry in Israel.

I had trouble fitting in, and I wasn’t sure why. I figured I didn’t like the tech world and wish I had gone a different path in life. While I was working there I discovered the entrepreneur’s life and worked on a few project when internet marketing just started. I was trying different things and learned a lot.

I quit that place and took a year off. I tried to build my own online business but failed to do that. I didn’t have a clear plan, I failed to get traction and had only handful of clients.

At the summer of 2007, my brother in law along with my sister and kids went to China to learn Chinese for 2 months.

I decided to join as well. China seemed like a fascinating place and becoming an important economic role in the world. After these 2 months, I was able to speak at a level of a 2nd-year graduate. Today I know it’s not much, back then it was an achievement.

After doing that and trying to build a drop shipping business while traveling (I still think it had a chance if I’d stick to it…) I returned to Israel thinking I should be out of government work and start working in the corporate world.

It took me almost two more years to figure out that good salary and tech might not be for me. It was a golden cage I wasn’t interested in.

But during that time I was working on a few more projects and, later on, some related to China, they mostly still failed.

Still during that time I understood that the problem wasn’t the fact that I don’t like ‘tech’ but that I was working in large companies and I didn’t feel they were mine. Also, I didn’t have a lot of influence of what’s going on.

So, these years of building my own projects were the lessons I needed to go through.

So Why Startup Noodle blog?

After I quit my good paying corporate job and building my then failed China businesses, my wife and I decided that it’s time for an adventure.

We were married for one year and decided that it’s the perfect time to move to China and see how it is to live in a new place, see how entrepreneurship is done in a different country and mainly just experience.

This has proven to be one of the best choices we could have made, but we didn’t know it back then…It was a tough start for us as in every new place and economically we barely survived.

I was looking for online resources helping other entrepreneurs like myself reach China and build their startup. This is the dream I was pursuing and wanted to help other doing the same. 7 months after we moved this blog was born on July 19th, 2012.


Here is what you will find in this blog: 

– My experiences as entrepreneurs in China and Israel
– Things I learned from my experience and mostly from my failures
– Different online tools I use and evaluate
– Personal finance and financial freedom

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read this. I hope to see you on the blog sometime