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Kodi and Recommended VPN Services for China

Note from Shlomo: This is a sponsored post from Kodi. As one of the most read posts in Startup Noodle is about finding the right VPN for you. It made sense adding this one as well for other readers. Enjoy!   Considering going to China? In this case, a VPN is your saving grace. Of […]

Raising Investment in China – Is it hard?

I’ve been recently working on writing a book that will enable me to share my knowledge and experience about raising funds in China from Chinese investors. It’s going to be called: “Raise Your Funds in China” (tentative title). The book is still in the works, but I’m very excited to bring you the Preface of the book, […]

Can Israel Win Over China?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Israel-China investment future. This was right before a week full of events I attended. When invited by Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership (SIGNAL) to sit at a roundtable on Israel’s China policy, I frankly didn’t really know what to expect. As a fast-paced entrepreneur, […]

Pitching Your Startup When Expanding Your Business In China

OTEC (Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Competition) is a yearly competition running for the past 3 years bringing in local and overseas startup companies to compete against each other. It’s organised by Chaoyang Overseas Talent Center (COTC) in Beijing. The way it works is that the winners of local competitions around the world then compete against each […]

Entrepreneurs First Stop; Should I Study In China?

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post by Richard Coward who was a guest at China Business Cast on episode #30. We then spoke about education programs in China as a way to have a soft landing. Richard runs China Admissions which helps foreign students find programs in universities in China which are the […]

Startup Essentials: Hiring Done Right in China

  Here is what this post is about:  Hiring is the said to be the #1 thing a startup CEO should do. I agree on this. In this post I’ll cover best practices for hiring your first few employees and address some issues related to China specifically. Hiring is tough and exciting at the same […]

Get to Know China’s Entrepreneurship 1st hand

From May 2013 till August 2014 we ran a project called “The Dim Sum Project”. It was aimed to open a window for entreprsnus who wish to understand more about entreprnship in different fields from a first hand perspective.   This is how it worked We had young entrepreneurs who wished to learn about a certain topic […]

Access your Gmail in China – A Guide to Workarounds

 The Great Firewall of China is the tool that the Chinese government has built to prevent those living in China from being able to access the entire content of the Internet – and the material that is critical of the government. While the firewall is formidable and extensive, it is possible for you to get […]

6 Killer Tips on Attracting Chinese Investors in 2015

Now that China officially has the largest economy in the world it’s a good time to examine how to attract investments from that country’s growing investor community. There is a lot of capital available in China for outbound investment, but a labyrinth of regulatory and cultural issues mean that actually securing investment is not so […]

A Post Series About China’s Android Stores Small Secrets

Yes, this post has a catchy title., but frankly saying since launching AppInChina I’ve learned a lot about the Chinese App market and the android stores. We decided to share and release a series of posts with this knowledge, as we know there is a lot of confusion regarding the Chinese Android market because it’s […]

4 Ways to Fight Copycat Websites

When we launched AppInChina at the beginning of summer of 2013 we were the first foreign company offering other foreign companies to distribute their android apps to the Chinese market or so we thought…. Must say I did searches and didn’t come up with anything exactly like this service.  This happen after a friend coming […]

Cool ideas don’t make money!

  I’m mentoring this weekend (I’m posting late I admit! That was two weeks ago) at startup weekend Beijing. Great atmosphere around, people are working on diverse ideas! It’s great! All is led by a great team who are members of the Lean startup Meetup and the one and only Mike Michelini who came especially […]

Growing! Startup Noodle 2nd year summary

Note from Shlomo: This post is published slightly late (read on to see why). SUN anniversary is on July 19th, glad to celebrate the 2nd one and going into it’s 3rd year.  What a year! I’m looking at my plan for this year on last year’s summary  and…mmm…well….things don’t always go as planned. Still, I […]

The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Come to China

Note from Shlomo: This is a Guest post from Nick Ramil from The Elevator Life . Nick and Tim are amazing guys who specialize in manufacturing goods and wine Import & Export in China. They also teach other entrepreneurs how to build such a business in China which I greatly appreciate.  In Addition these guys have launched several KickStarter campaigns building awesome products and pre-selling in […]

9 Quora Questions About China’s Mobile App Market

I’ve recently became a Quora junky. I love this website and how much info you are able get and learn from. I’ve been exploring what people know about China’s Mobile app Market because Of obviously and added my 2 cents as well. I found these following 9 questions to be interesting also because I […]

Do / Can Tech People From the US get Jobs in China?

Mayer Seidman (@mayerseidman), One of my readers, sent me this question: “Do/Can Tech People From the US get a Job in China?” ( Twitter has become much more prominent Since I started sharing the  content I read and not only the content I write ) I wrote about this subject almost a year ago here, but having lived […]

The secret to opening a store in China? Find a good landlord! – Interview with Brick from the Beijing Drive Thru

A note from Shlomo: This is the 2nd interview on our Dim Sum project – connecting entrepreneurs and students and bringing you quality interviews of them. I just opened a new “interviews” category, so you are able to click on it and see all the interviews in the project. Enjoy!  Thanks to Joshua A. Raff for conducting […]

Learn About China Entrepreneurship Basics: Video Interview at China Radio International (CRI)

Around 3 months ago I got a request from a friend. He said that China Radio International started  interviewing experts in different industries for their new show in English called: “China Talks”. He asked me if I’m willing to speak about “Entrepreneurship in China” and he would forward my details to them. A couple of days later CRI […]