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Entrepreneurs First Stop; Should I Study In China?

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post by Richard Coward who was a guest at China Business Cast on episode #30. We then spoke about education programs in China as a way to have a soft landing. Richard runs China Admissions which helps foreign students find programs in universities in China which are the […]

Startup Essentials: Hiring Done Right in China

  Here is what this post is about:  Hiring is the said to be the #1 thing a startup CEO should do. I agree on this. In this post I’ll cover best practices for hiring your first few employees and address some issues related to China specifically. Hiring is tough and exciting at the same […]

4 Ways to Fight Copycat Websites

When we launched AppInChina at the beginning of summer of 2013 we were the first foreign company offering other foreign companies to distribute their android apps to the Chinese market or so we thought…. Must say I did searches and didn’t come up with anything exactly like this service.  This happen after a friend coming […]

Cool ideas don’t make money!

  I’m mentoring this weekend (I’m posting late I admit! That was two weeks ago) at startup weekend Beijing. Great atmosphere around, people are working on diverse ideas! It’s great! All is led by a great team who are members of the Lean startup Meetup and the one and only Mike Michelini who came especially […]

How Do You Make Fast and Good Decisions?

I keep wondering over and over what is the value of our decisions. Speaking with other CEOs some mention the fact that they need to make many decisions in a day to just make progress. Which is extremely important time wise. Making decisions is something that I don’t like and I feel this is a […]

A Quick Way Creating Your Startup Persona

“Why am I as I am? To understand that of any person, his whole life, from Birth must be reviewed. All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.” ― Malcolm X, The Autobiography Of Malcolm X Following the previous post of better defining who our community is, along […]

Why Headlines A/B Testing is Useless Sometimes?

It’s always good to measure performance and try to improve obviously. The hard thing is finding WHAT to measure. I decided therefore analyzing performance of my posts and which title works best. Blog titles are easy to test and measure as you will see. The result however, was very unexpected. The experiment I’ve decided to do an […]

Audio Books Are Bad Marketing

If you’ve never tried it, you should. Audio books are a great way utilizing your time. Still, some audio books experiences are not meant to be… I’ve been reading Think Traffic (Now Sparkline, which I don’t like) for 1-2 years now. I like the guys there. It’s a casual build your online business kind of […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 2)

Note from Shlomo: If you wish to get a glance on Israeli entrepreneurship, Roy Tertman is one worth following. He is working on an exciting startup which is about to change the way we buy shoes online. Check Roy, take it from here!    This is the 2nd post of this series, and here we will talk […]

Do / Can Tech People From the US get Jobs in China?

Mayer Seidman (@mayerseidman), One of my readers, sent me this question: “Do/Can Tech People From the US get a Job in China?” ( Twitter has become much more prominent Since I started sharing the  content I read and not only the content I write ) I wrote about this subject almost a year ago here, but having lived […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 1)

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post from Roy Tertman. Roy got in touch with me a couple of months ago. He was looking for partners for their startup, FootWare, an ideal fit for a huge consumer market like China. I got to know an open person, who happily share his own knowledge and experience in order to help others. […]

The secret to opening a store in China? Find a good landlord! – Interview with Brick from the Beijing Drive Thru

A note from Shlomo: This is the 2nd interview on our Dim Sum project – connecting entrepreneurs and students and bringing you quality interviews of them. I just opened a new “interviews” category, so you are able to click on it and see all the interviews in the project. Enjoy!  Thanks to Joshua A. Raff for conducting […]

Learn About China Entrepreneurship Basics: Video Interview at China Radio International (CRI)

Around 3 months ago I got a request from a friend. He said that China Radio International started  interviewing experts in different industries for their new show in English called: “China Talks”. He asked me if I’m willing to speak about “Entrepreneurship in China” and he would forward my details to them. A couple of days later CRI […]

525,600 Minutes, How do You Measure a Year? The Story of SUN

How do you build a community using a blog? I asked myself this question and started working on Startup Noodle on April 2012. The official launch date was July 19th, and this is what I’m celebrating today, SUN 1st anniversary.       Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments […]

Why you need AMAZING communication skills to get an investment?

For the last 3-4 years there is a hype around entrepreneurship  and startups. Must say, I couldn’t find many resources about this, except of this from 2012, which in Internet terms is like the previous millennium, but I hear more and more people around me talking about this. Check my interview with Richard Robinson exactly on this point   […]

Why Entrepreneurs are Bad Mountain Climbers?

Entrepreneurship is a lot about self growth and self control. I claim that in todays’ environment some entrepreneurs find it hard to get their job done on time because they are accountable on the things they do  only to themselves. It’s time to find a solution for this. It’s liberating to work for yourself, I know this feeling very well. You are optimistic […]

Presentation and Video: Customer Development Hacking Tools Recipe

The biggest Barcamp event was held last Sunday in Beijing. They are holding one event every 3 month and on every event they add another speakers room. The organizers got to 5 speaker room on that last one! which consist of more than 40 speakers. I had rough time thinking what I should talk about and eventually I found […]