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Entrepreneurs First Stop; Should I Study In China?

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post by Richard Coward who was a guest at China Business Cast on episode #30. We then spoke about education programs in China as a way to have a soft landing. Richard runs China Admissions which helps foreign students find programs in universities in China which are the […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mastermind

Note from Shlomo: Ryan Champion is a member of our Lean startup meetup in Beijing. After I published the last posts about our mastermind Ryan mentioned he has been to a few as well and can give some of his experience over those explaining what to expect when joining a Mastermind and getting most out […]

The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Come to China

Note from Shlomo: This is a Guest post from Nick Ramil from The Elevator Life . Nick and Tim are amazing guys who specialize in manufacturing goods and wine Import & Export in China. They also teach other entrepreneurs how to build such a business in China which I greatly appreciate.  In Addition these guys have launched several KickStarter campaigns building awesome products and pre-selling in […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 2)

Note from Shlomo: If you wish to get a glance on Israeli entrepreneurship, Roy Tertman is one worth following. He is working on an exciting startup which is about to change the way we buy shoes online. Check Roy, take it from here!    This is the 2nd post of this series, and here we will talk […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 1)

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post from Roy Tertman. Roy got in touch with me a couple of months ago. He was looking for partners for their startup, FootWare, an ideal fit for a huge consumer market like China. I got to know an open person, who happily share his own knowledge and experience in order to help others. […]