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Raising Investment in China – Is it hard?

I’ve been recently working on writing a book that will enable me to share my knowledge and experience about raising funds in China from Chinese investors. It’s going to be called: “Raise Your Funds in China” (tentative title). The book is still in the works, but I’m very excited to bring you the Preface of the book, […]

Cool ideas don’t make money!

  I’m mentoring this weekend (I’m posting late I admit! That was two weeks ago) at startup weekend Beijing. Great atmosphere around, people are working on diverse ideas! It’s great! All is led by a great team who are members of the Lean startup Meetup and the one and only Mike Michelini who came especially […]

How Do You Make Fast and Good Decisions?

I keep wondering over and over what is the value of our decisions. Speaking with other CEOs some mention the fact that they need to make many decisions in a day to just make progress. Which is extremely important time wise. Making decisions is something that I don’t like and I feel this is a […]

Growing! Startup Noodle 2nd year summary

Note from Shlomo: This post is published slightly late (read on to see why). SUN anniversary is on July 19th, glad to celebrate the 2nd one and going into it’s 3rd year.  What a year! I’m looking at my plan for this year on last year’s summary  and…mmm…well….things don’t always go as planned. Still, I […]

Tasks That Make You Go Yay!

Last week I realized how important it is to add a happiness task in your day. What is a happiness task? This one is quite simple. A happiness task is a task that makes you feel happy because you achieved it. My Partner and I tend to disagree about the type of tasks that suppose to […]

The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Come to China

Note from Shlomo: This is a Guest post from Nick Ramil from The Elevator Life . Nick and Tim are amazing guys who specialize in manufacturing goods and wine Import & Export in China. They also teach other entrepreneurs how to build such a business in China which I greatly appreciate.  In Addition these guys have launched several KickStarter campaigns building awesome products and pre-selling in […]

The Art of Growing Your Team – Listening

People say that you really become committed to your startup only when you do your first hire. You’ve got employees now and you are responsible for them, their happiness and even thier family. They count on you…and that’s tough! I’ve mentioned that my role have changed now that I’ve done my first hire. This past month and […]

A Quick Way Creating Your Startup Persona

“Why am I as I am? To understand that of any person, his whole life, from Birth must be reviewed. All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.” ― Malcolm X, The Autobiography Of Malcolm X Following the previous post of better defining who our community is, along […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 2)

Note from Shlomo: If you wish to get a glance on Israeli entrepreneurship, Roy Tertman is one worth following. He is working on an exciting startup which is about to change the way we buy shoes online. Check Roy, take it from here!    This is the 2nd post of this series, and here we will talk […]

Everything in Life is a Product (Part 1)

Note from Shlomo: This is a guest post from Roy Tertman. Roy got in touch with me a couple of months ago. He was looking for partners for their startup, FootWare, an ideal fit for a huge consumer market like China. I got to know an open person, who happily share his own knowledge and experience in order to help others. […]

525,600 Minutes, How do You Measure a Year? The Story of SUN

How do you build a community using a blog? I asked myself this question and started working on Startup Noodle on April 2012. The official launch date was July 19th, and this is what I’m celebrating today, SUN 1st anniversary.       Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments […]

A Case Study: How I Failed Being Lean?

So, recently there was an awesome meeting of the lean startup group here in Beijing. There was a great show up, and I was tremendously glad that there was a really good mix of foreigners and locals, which improves the Startup Ecosystem. I’ve mentioned I’m working on an ebook and like every project it’s taking […]

Welcome Hidden Entrepreneurs

If you look at the about page, you’ll see that a survey I made discovers that 47% of the people who come to work in China actually come to learn and open their own business. I don’t know about other countries in Asia, but I imagine the numbers are similar. Thanks to the modern era people have […]