Category: Productivity

How Do You Make Fast and Good Decisions?

I keep wondering over and over what is the value of our decisions. Speaking with other CEOs some mention the fact that they need to make many decisions in a day to just make progress. Which is extremely important time wise. Making decisions is something that I don’t like and I feel this is a […]

Tasks That Make You Go Yay!

Last week I realized how important it is to add a happiness task in your day. What is a happiness task? This one is quite simple. A happiness task is a task that makes you feel happy because you achieved it. My Partner and I tend to disagree about the type of tasks that suppose to […]

What Are Your Sleeping Goals and How You Can Hack Them?

Have you ever tried to hack yourself? But what hack yourself actually means you think…. It basically means optimizing your life for the goals you want to achieve and the ways to measure it. Fortunately, we have many ways to do it with today’s technology. Wearable technology is a hot subject in the last year! And […]

Why Entrepreneurs are Bad Mountain Climbers?

Entrepreneurship is a lot about self growth and self control. I claim that in todays’ environment some entrepreneurs find it hard to get their job done on time because they are accountable on the things they do  only to themselves. It’s time to find a solution for this. It’s liberating to work for yourself, I know this feeling very well. You are optimistic […]