Who am I?

End of 2011 I arrived to Beijing along with my wife, without really knowing what future will lead. I struggled through as an entrepreneur becoming one of Beijing entrepreneurs community leaders, building and growing a group on now almost 2000 members called the "Lean Startup Beijing meetup”.

I built a startup in Beijing and advise companies & entrepreneurs about the Chinese market. I’m now also a contributor at Forbes talking about innovation in China and Israel and a co-host at China business cast podcast.

I invite you to Join Startup Noodle mastermind group

Here is what you are getting


Matching your group

I’ll be doing the matching of the groups which will consist of 6-7 people each. You’ll be matched with the most appropriate people to your industry and level of experience.


Premium group

If you subscribe to the premium group I’ll be joining the calls once a month and give feedback and experience to the members. This will be a special Q&A session to the members. I’ll do my best opening my network to those members and connect you to the right people if needed. There will also be special Q&A calls with other China experts on different topics.


Weekly call

You’ll have a call with your mastermind group every week which has a special format. I’ll choose your group leaders and train them to lead the group.


Community support

You get access to a closed Startup Noodle Facebook group, which will enable you to communicate with other members of the community. You can ask questions, consult or just rant (We all have days like this).



You are now required to be accountable to yourself and the group. No more hiding behind learning (or procrastinating) and not doing!


Honest feedback

Every week a different member is on the "hot seat” where the members deconstruct the current struggle of that member. This is where you are making the most progress!

choose your membership


  • Group Matching
  • Weekly call
  • Closed Facebook Group


  • Group Matching
  • Weekly call
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • Monthly Q &A session with Shlomo or other China expert
"The benefit to me has been clarifying an approach for challenges that arise. When I'm too close to the business sometimes an outside perspective really helps to identify an approach that I previously wasn't thinking of. Secondarily the mastermind helps with keeping me accountable to goals."
Luke Francis, Guangzhou, China Enter China partner & Morveau Watch CEO
"I've found that being apart of a mastermind group has been really helpful for my business. It's great to be bring forward a particular challenge I am facing in my business each week and get feedback from a group of fellow business owners who come from a variety of cultures and industries; this helps me look at the challenge in a new way and gather ideas I would have not had otherwise."
Kem Christensen, New Zealand Larala Lights - www.laralalights.co.nz
"After joining a mastermind group, the support and advice I got really got me going much faster on my business, than before when doing it myself."
Karl Hvidsten, South Africa Tank Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

The two memberships are the same except of one difference. The Premium membership will have a monthly Q&A session with Shlomo and other China experts from different sectors.

I can't accept members without paying the membership fee. However, If within 30 days you are not happy with what you get, I'll return your payment no question asked (Of course I’d appreciate if you can share why you left, so I can make it better in the future).

On general, people like you who are trying to make it big in China! Each member fills in a form and based on the info supplied will be matched to people with similar experience level and business interests.

From my experience when not matching people at a similar level of experience the inexperienced ones tend to be intimidated talking about their progress, while the more experienced people lose interest. So, such a group will not work on the long term. You can use the closed Facebook group to ask questions and/or join the premium membership where there is a monthly Q&A call with a China expert on different topics.

Expect to have 5-7 people on your Mastermind group.

There are 2 types of memberships.
For Elite the membership costs are:
3 months- $207
6 months - $345 (You get 1 month FREE)
12 months - $690 ((You get 2 months FREE)
For Premium the membership costs are:
3 months - $297
6 months - $495 (You get 1 month FREE)
12 months - $990 (You get 2 months FREE)

No, you don’t. The weekly calls are online and it doesn’t matter where you are. You will be matched with members who are on a close enough time zone so it would be a reasonable time for everybody to join the call.

The actual time is determined by the group which will be most convenient to everybody. The group leader will help facilitate this.

Being a member of a mastermind group doesn't require a lot of time at all! The only thing you are required to attend is a 1-hour weekly call. That's it. And even then if something urgent come up, you can skip. We all have other things going on in our lives and may be urgent.

You also get extra benefit from interacting in the closed facebook group. It's not mandatory, but you will get great benefit from it.

Nothing happened! All calls suppose to have a call summery, so you can catch up on what people said there. More guidance will be given to the group leader of how to manage this. However, its’ important that people stay committed to the group. This is where the magic happens. members who miss many calls will have to leave the group. Alternately, if the time of the call is not convenient I will try to match them with another group.

The short answer is: “English” . But if there will be special request from members, I’ll take language into account when matching members and then you can decide for yourself on which language you want to use.