Welcome to my resources page.
This is where I share my recommendations on tools, books and resources on general.
All are resources I’m using and believe in or these were created by people I trust. I split that into categories so it will be easier for you to find it. Many of the links here are affiliate links. If you’ll buy through here it will help supporting the blog. Again, these are all resources I’m using or familiar with and glad to recommend on.
Hosting and domains
  • GoDaddy – This is where I buy all my domains (I own many of them…) and my SSL certifications. You’ve probably heard of them before, they are hard to miss.

Task and project management
  • Weekplan – This is a great tool I’m using also helps me follow other goals in life and not only work. You can read how I work with it here
  • Trello – I work with several teams on different projects with Trello. It’s a visual task and project management tool. Really Cool!  BUT…Have a look at Asana as well.
  • Asana – This is also a task and project management tool. It’s more robust than Trello but more complicated to start with.
  • Any.do – Any.do is a great app for managing your tasks from your phone. It integrates to your gmail and does great job in simplifying the task creation process.
Email Autoresponders
  • GetResponse – This Email auto responder is one of the top in the market. I used GetResponse for a few years and then moved to MailChimp (See the next one on the list). After using both it’s a matter of personal preference. Both are great for growing your list and build an audience.
  • MailChimp – My current email autoresponder tool. These guys don’t take themselves too seriously.
Lead Generators
  • Zopim/Zendesk Chat – Chat with your website visitors- This is the service we use at AppInChina.co to speak with potential clients.
Virtual Private network (VPN)
When you are in China and need to access western Website a VPN is essential. There are tons of providers out there. These are the two that appInChina.co team is using.  Why we need more than a single service?
Because sometimes one of them is not working and you need a backup solution.
VPNs also helps if you’d like to show a server you are connecting from a different country. This is useful when you want to listen to Pandora or Netflix that are limited out of the US.
  • Skype – If you set up a call with me, we’d probably be doing it on Skype. I use it for calls worldwide, though if I’m talking with somebody in China, the quality is sometimes not great and then I use WeChat.
  • WeChat (Android, iOS– If you are doing ANY business in China, you MUST download WeChat. This is how communication is done in China. And frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing saying that don’t have it, when somebody wants to connect with you and asks to scan your QR code or ID. It’s more than just a chat app, it has voice and video calls, money transfers and more (Read my Forbes article about WeChat).
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